Well Almost Jumpers

Well Almost Jumpers

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The aim of this blog is too look at the humourous, irrelevant side to the great game - without causing offence.

If you have any funny anecdotes, pictures etc please let us know.

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Just a quick one combining two of my favourite things - SKA music and some funny football moments. Hope you enjoy

Monday, 29 August 2016

Well after an extended break we are back - looking at the irrelevant and the light hearted side - with just a tad of nostalgia, as we aim to bring you, in what we hope to be as good a season as last year (one for the underdog) bad betting tips, funny moments etc from the great game.

Underdogs well it certainly was a year for one Leicester winning the Title Myself getting the winner on the Grand National through to a truly great performance by team GB in the Olympics (England Football kindly take note)

It would be great to see the pride and passion that the amateurs and lesser know sports people showed in recent events shining as an example to our Premiership lads but we may as well pick a side from the retail chain Iceland if our Euro's performances were anything to go by - still great tournament apart from that IF YOU SIDED with the smaller teams such as Wales and Iceland - the nation.

Still enough bleating on and on the bright side ...............(to be published)

Monday, 16 May 2016

Hats off to Leicester ++

Quick trivia fact, as we praise a Premiership year of the underdog, last time a team won the top flight for the first time was Nottingham Forest in 1978. It was also the last time we saw not only a new name as league champions but it was the same in the FA Cup as well - Ipswich. (This also happened in 1972 with Derby and Leeds Utd as League Champs and Cup winners.) So with Palace in the Cup final with luck 72 & 78 will be repeated - additional trivia about 72 and 78 in both cases Brian Clough was the manager of the league champions and in both cases the FA Cup winning manager would go onto get the job he should of had........England Manager.

2016 Video funny

Friday, 9 October 2015

Three bits of trivia……Aston Villa

Aston Villa V Everton is the most played top flight match in English League history

Aston Villa and Tottenham Hotspur current tie on having the most England Internationals during their histories (73)

Aston Villa is the only English Club to have won the League Title in the 1,800’s and to have won the European Cup / Champions League

Who know’s it may just work….


Some recent bets (no luck so far but not a bad return on 25p)

Monday, 31 August 2015

Well is this not, from our humble point of view, not a bad start to the season - this is despite our team failing to register a win yet and the early start to the season.

Chelsea, the reigning champions looking fro from infallible, Man Utd's bad form against Swansea continuing, teams like Leicester having such a good start and our own tip top of the shop with a 100% record.

In other divisions the fun continues with our second favourite team Leyton Orient doing well, and other tips such as Sheffield Utd having a good start. (Although Notts County not so hot at the moment)  For reference our tips for Prem / Camp / 1 and 2 0r 1-4 as we preferred was: Man City, Brighton, Sheff Utd and Notts County.

Fun part

Saturday, 22 August 2015

So the season has started, too early for our old fashioned point of view (despite our fist accumulator win) for it is still the summer holidays. Then again English Summer is about as predictable as my footy predictions and makes about as much sense as your average football pundit.


Now for our rant….not only such a n early start to the season but the Community Shield hailed as a major trophy please establishment go back to having a less competitive and more Charity competition and played August Bank Holiday as a season opener.


Oh how we do pine for the old days, interesting pundits like Clough, Allison and the like, no Champions League but the European Cup – knock out from the start with no doggy lives into the Europa and the Cup Winners’ Cup for the holders of the respective nations cup. As for this Premiership, Championship business – it’s the top four divisions so does it not make more sense to call them 1st, 2nd 3rd and 4th??


Well rant over now for the promised lighter side of the game,,,,,,,,,,,,  

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

www.premierleague.com  2013/14 season

Register your team - Call them what you like - then click Leagues, Join a League, Private League, and enter code 15548-5356

Then every week you transfer (if you wish) one player out and one player in, and score points when they do their stuff.

Aside from our mini-league of 20+ players there are 2.6 million other players from all over the world.   Our best player last season came 1,509th. 

Fantastic fun.

All are welcome.


Wednesday, 15 May 2013

After to longer break jumpers is back - looking for the great and the funny in football. Talent and entertainment over to much coaching and commercialisation.  So where do we start, well a bit commercial, but 1996 was a special year with dreams of it coming home and one of our favourite goals - Gaza at his best.  We hope you enjoy and we are back to regular blogging.

Friday, 17 August 2012

The Fire Brigade were called out to a fire at Robin Van Persie's house last night. 

Police suspect Arsene.


Sunday, 12 August 2012

Barclays Premier League

Fantasy Football


private league: 122161-53075

North v South Master Premier

All are welcome


Monday, 2 July 2012

So, the Euros end, Wimbledon gets rained off and the Olympics approach. Footy wise we do not hold out too much hope for the Team GB. Stuart Pearce is a football man we have much respect for and we know that he will give 100% but we will be up against teams that far outshone us in the Euros with a side that will not be much strengthened . What price Spain to fill a nap hand, World, Euro and Olympic Gold.

It must be said that our own tip was Germany but they were deservedly beaten by Italy who in turn were likewise beaten by Spain, in our book worthy champions coming of age after years of under achieving – so hope for us yet England!
Watch this space for Olympic football round ups and the best of the comedy in the game that we can find.

Welcome comments etc.


Tuesday, 26 June 2012

So the dream has ended and Roy does not come home the to be knighted hero, well just what went wrong? Well here at jumpers we don’t know but we have a horrible feeling that even in the after life we are going to be doomed to an eternity of England losing on penalties. To be fair though from what I recall we were outplayed for the majority of the match and were lucky to reach a penalty shoot out. Oh hum better luck next time – hope does spring eternal.

As the new season beckons, yes I am mentioning this even before Wimbledon – another contest we love and in which the English flatter to deceive, and the inevitable manager – go – round and transfer records broken etc. We an look forward to what promises to be a good, if not as good as it used to be grump grump, season and the prospect of an exciting Champion League – though not as good as the European Cup, Cup Winners Cup and UEFA Cup – Europa League my ****.

Then of course there is always the added bonus of players ludicrous hair cuts, bizarre antics and bad behaviour to lighten up the back pages of the tabloids (oh Balitelli, great and yet not. One thing, never boring).

Then of course, in between, we have the Olympics………..Aggh!  They have not even started yet and this old whinge bag has already had enough and that’s even without daily commute into London….

Friday, 22 June 2012

Well tonight, in a few short hours, we find out who England get in the semis (providing of course that we beat Italy not the easiest of things to do) and the question is this...who do we want.

Greece would, on paper, be the easier option but they have pulled off shocks in this competition before.Eight years ago. It would take another shock to beat Germany who have certainly looked the best side by far.

Or Germany and the chance of revenge. As stated they are a very good side and I quite frankly feel we should have done after the last world cup what they had done before - now look at them.

Roy has done very well and we applaud the fact that the players and coaching staff have finally learnt how to sing the National Anthem, again this works well for all Nations as it helps build team spirit and pride. We wish him well and if our route to the final is past Italy and Germany then we are worthy of our place.

Jumpers just ask for the one saving factor. If it goes to penalties please may it not be us against Germany.

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Well it has been a typical start inthe Euros for Engaland (as a traditionalist we should applaud this but we do not for we want England to win) failing to win their first group game and then struggling to win their second. It must be said though that both Carroll (obviously out to silence his critics) and Walcott (similarily proving some wrong) scoring great goals. Jumpers must admit that we wondered where the goals would come from with no on form prolific striker well those two came strait out of the top drawer.

As always the Germans look efficient and I must admit that after the opening games they are our favourites to win though we hope against all odds for England to beat Greece in the final.  Why Greece? Business is business and we have them in the sweepstake.

Monday, 7 May 2012

Well done to some and good luck to Roy

As we hope you are all aware here at Jumpers we revel in the lighter side of the game – the fun and sporting contest as opposed to it all being about taking things too seriously and the size of the cheque. So, for us the past few weeks have thrown up some interesting developments:

Chelsea overcoming Barcelona in style. Now Barca are without question one of the great teams with some amazing players so we must say congratulations to Chelsea though we feel that a suspended player should not be allowed to lift the trophy. We will say nothing about if balls were over the line in FA Cup games as we are tired of it already.

Wigan’s scalps, most recent was the 4-0 thrashing of an inform Newcastle but add to that the other results against the top placed teams and we have to thanks them for providing us with the upsets.

Reading’s Championship – it seemed as if they came from out of nowhere to regain premiership status. We now hope that West Ham win the play-offs. Jumpers being a bit of a Jurasic Park does not believe in play – offs. It’s a league not a cup. Finish 3rd and automatically promoted. Simple.

Lastly Roy as England manager. Maybe not the media choice but we think a good one, a man who cares about the game. So well done Roy and the best of English.

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

England v Holland

Well most of you probably know that here at Jumpers we are far from being fans of meaningless friendlies, yet ocasionally, as rare as an outstanding football administrator (OK nothings that rare) we find ourselves thinking good idea.

That good idea is tonights clash between England and Holland - why this one we hear you ask.

a) Holland are a class European side whom we might well have to meet in the Euro Nations, this is a good warm up game.

b) With Capello walking and one of our footballoing heroes getting the caretaking job we feel that he needs a game under his belt to prove if he is worthy of taking the Three Lions to the Nations this Summer.

c) Not much else on telly......

Back to "Psycho" well not only was he one of England's all time gteat players this man is a real Lion Heart - as aplayer he was scarred of nothing that walked on two legs yet did then and still does wear the England short with an almost humbling pride. I feel it is time for the big change out with the old etc. Remember how well Germany did in the last World Cup bringing in the Under 21 manager and team to take over why should we not do the same.


Monday, 30 January 2012

FA Cup 4th round and our own failings.

As  we look our fantasy league ratings and our increasing stack of losing football coupons, picked three teams to win on Saturday and they all lost!!!, we must reflect on our own abilities in the modern game.

Still we are pleased to see that the FA Cup 4th Round provided a couple of shocks and that is what we love about the competition, Champions League may be the top competition but you just don’t get Crawley beating Hull – the FA Cup still holds the romance of the game and a hint of jumpers for goalposts.

Potential shocks in the 5th round – Stevenage v Spurs a potential embarrassment and who would write off either Crawley or Brighton.

Crawley's winning goal

Football Quotes:

Most football teams are temperamental. That’s 90 percent temper and 10 percent mental.
Doug Plank

He had an eternity to play that ball but he took too long over it.
Martin Tyler

Liam Brady’s been playing inside Platini’s shorts all night.
Jimmy Magee

Tuesday, 10 January 2012


With 12 minutes remaining, Henry scores his 12th goal against Leeds in 12 appearances wearing the number 12 shirt in 2012.

You couldn't make it up could you.


Friday, 6 January 2012

Legends Past

Jumpers would like to pay a small tribute t the football greats who left us in 2011:

Mike Doyle

Most famous as part of the great Mercer – Allison Man City side of the 60’s / 70’s. Mike was an England international defender who late played for Stoke. In a distinguished career, he won League, FA Cup, Cup Winners Cup and England honours.


The Brazilian legend, who may have never won the World Cup (he captained the Brazil side of 1982, some say the greatest team never to have won it). He spent a large part of his career playing in Italy.

Gary Speed

The Leeds and Newcastle legend and Welsh international became one of the Premiership most consistent players in his day rarely missing a game. He later, up to his premature death, managed the Welsh national team.

Jimmy Adamson

In a career in which he was never capped, Jimmy achieved almost all the possible football goals. He captained Burnley to league championship and FA Cup final and was in 1962 (the year of his runners up medal) also Footballer of the year.

Neil Young

Another of the Mercer – Allison City team, Neil was possibly most famous for scoring the winning goal in the 1969 FA Cup final (against a very young Peter Shilton)

Nat Lofthouse

Another FA Cup winning goal scorer (1958) Nat spent his whole career at Bolton and is possibly their greatest legend. At developed into a great international centre forward and footballer of the year.

Wednesday, 21 December 2011


Sorry to dissapoint but we have gone for the funny element and not the glamour. Good old fashioned football misses, what we have linked in is an old, remember Mark Hately anyone? Top Ten.

Should fellow bloggers wish to send us their Top Ten of the Misses sense we might well include. While talking fashion would also welcome Top Ten Players (best eye candy etc).

And keeping with the funnier side our comment from the past:

For Years I thought the club's name was Partick Thistle Nil.

Billy Connolly

Well he has a point.

"I'll get into trouble with my girlfriend if I play - I don't think she'll be too happy if I'm chasing Totti all over Rome."
Jonathan Woodgate on his chances of making only his second start for Leeds United, away to AS Roma in the UEFA Cup 1998.