Well Almost Jumpers

Well Almost Jumpers

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Friday, 22 June 2012

Well tonight, in a few short hours, we find out who England get in the semis (providing of course that we beat Italy not the easiest of things to do) and the question is this...who do we want.

Greece would, on paper, be the easier option but they have pulled off shocks in this competition before.Eight years ago. It would take another shock to beat Germany who have certainly looked the best side by far.

Or Germany and the chance of revenge. As stated they are a very good side and I quite frankly feel we should have done after the last world cup what they had done before - now look at them.

Roy has done very well and we applaud the fact that the players and coaching staff have finally learnt how to sing the National Anthem, again this works well for all Nations as it helps build team spirit and pride. We wish him well and if our route to the final is past Italy and Germany then we are worthy of our place.

Jumpers just ask for the one saving factor. If it goes to penalties please may it not be us against Germany.

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Well he has a point.

"I'll get into trouble with my girlfriend if I play - I don't think she'll be too happy if I'm chasing Totti all over Rome."
Jonathan Woodgate on his chances of making only his second start for Leeds United, away to AS Roma in the UEFA Cup 1998.