Well Almost Jumpers

Well Almost Jumpers

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Wednesday, 21 December 2011


Sorry to dissapoint but we have gone for the funny element and not the glamour. Good old fashioned football misses, what we have linked in is an old, remember Mark Hately anyone? Top Ten.

Should fellow bloggers wish to send us their Top Ten of the Misses sense we might well include. While talking fashion would also welcome Top Ten Players (best eye candy etc).

And keeping with the funnier side our comment from the past:

For Years I thought the club's name was Partick Thistle Nil.

Billy Connolly

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Well he has a point.

"I'll get into trouble with my girlfriend if I play - I don't think she'll be too happy if I'm chasing Totti all over Rome."
Jonathan Woodgate on his chances of making only his second start for Leeds United, away to AS Roma in the UEFA Cup 1998.