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Well Almost Jumpers

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Monday, 7 May 2012

Well done to some and good luck to Roy

As we hope you are all aware here at Jumpers we revel in the lighter side of the game – the fun and sporting contest as opposed to it all being about taking things too seriously and the size of the cheque. So, for us the past few weeks have thrown up some interesting developments:

Chelsea overcoming Barcelona in style. Now Barca are without question one of the great teams with some amazing players so we must say congratulations to Chelsea though we feel that a suspended player should not be allowed to lift the trophy. We will say nothing about if balls were over the line in FA Cup games as we are tired of it already.

Wigan’s scalps, most recent was the 4-0 thrashing of an inform Newcastle but add to that the other results against the top placed teams and we have to thanks them for providing us with the upsets.

Reading’s Championship – it seemed as if they came from out of nowhere to regain premiership status. We now hope that West Ham win the play-offs. Jumpers being a bit of a Jurasic Park does not believe in play – offs. It’s a league not a cup. Finish 3rd and automatically promoted. Simple.

Lastly Roy as England manager. Maybe not the media choice but we think a good one, a man who cares about the game. So well done Roy and the best of English.

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Well he has a point.

"I'll get into trouble with my girlfriend if I play - I don't think she'll be too happy if I'm chasing Totti all over Rome."
Jonathan Woodgate on his chances of making only his second start for Leeds United, away to AS Roma in the UEFA Cup 1998.